Samsung Galaxy Note: The Experience of Both Smart Phone and Tablet PC

Samsung will deliver their new advanced cell Samsung Cosmic system Note. It is a serious one available due to its big screen and a multi-pointer and Samsung’s one of a kind plan and client experience. Today I will present you this tablet-like advanced mobile phone.


Reported by Samsung 25th Sept.,Samsung World Note: The Experience of Both Advanced mobile phone and Tablet PC Articles Universe S II has been sold more than 10 million. Furthermore, fifteenth Oct. The deals of Samsung World S and Universe S II advancement 30 million. One more uplifting news for Samsung, in the second from last quarter, Samsung outperformed Apple and turned into the main advanced mobile phone maker all over the planet.

In 2011, Samsung’s improvement in the field of PDA is super quick. Universe S II’s prosperity makes Samsung more certainty on the blend of Hyun-screen, super dainty and high-performence and the screen size goes up fastly. From the Galsxy S’s 4 creeps to World S II’s 4.3 inches and the Samsung I919 comes to 4.52 inches and presently the pristine Universe Note’s screen is 5 inches that makes itself a hybrid of PDA and tablet PC.

Truth be told, Samsung previously delivered big screen PDA System Tab, 7 inches screen makes clients think it is a tablet PC. Furthermore, from the manner in which it named, it is valid. After that Samsung distributed Tablet PC is likewise named after “World Tab”. In day to day use, individuals use Bluetooth headset to settle on a telephone decision as opposed to holding the telephone close by.

Samsung World Note utilizes a 5.3 inches WXGA 1280*800 screen and with a unique Multi-pointer: S-Pen. Its size makes it simple to take and furthermore gives clients the experience of tablet pc on a PDA.

From the main sensation of World Note, it is very much like a greater Universe S II. Dark super slim body with adjusted square shape home button, even the area of the voice button and lock button are practically something very similar with it. While the dinner big screen give you a shock when you open the screen. You might feel that it’s anything but a PDA. 1280*800 WXGA goal, it implies that corner to corner pixel will reach 1510. In 5.3 inches screen, there is 285 pixel in one inch, it is likewise called ppi. However it isn’t the most fastidious screen, it makes World Note better than most advanced mobile phone on screen.

Samsung System Note’s symbol has smooth edge without sawtooth. The huge goal creates it can show more data on the screen. It can takes 25 application icon(5*5) and 5 Dock symbol. 30 symbols in a single screen is the primary seen on PDA’s screen. The prevalence of big screen and goal can be found a lot simpler when you peruse web and info words.

It is said that World Note is a greater Universe S II. It is truth that a portion of the plan of them are something very similar. The logo of Samsung on the highest point of the screen and the adjusted square shape home button are something similar. Also, the return button and menu button are at left and right of the home button with white backdrop illumination. With everything taken into account, the Samsung Universe Note succeed the style of System family and the 5.3 inches 16:10 screen makes the intruder arrives at 82.95mm, yet the thickness of it is under 1cm, 9.65mm. The enormous body makes it simple to enter with two hands and brings better game and web insight to clients. Yet, it is difficult to hold it in one hand particularly to female clients.

The response of assuming that World Note can bring clients a superior encounter of game and web is that it takes a 1.4GHz Exynos Double center processor with two ARM Cortex A9 process work in and Mali-400 Designs chip. From the SMDKC210 computer chip, we can say that Samsung Universe Note actually utilizes S5PC210(Exynos4210) arrangement, which is equivalent to World S II. Samsung World Note Slam 1GB, after you turn on it and clear all the applications, the fundamental Smash take-up of the framework is 500MB. ROM has 16GB and 32 GB form and with a maximum 32GB Miniature SD extend.

Presently lets discuss the multi-pointer: S-pen. I think the S-Pen is a consequence of the homogenization of the Android gadgets these days. Each maker needs to show their disparities among rivals, so Samsung gives their new item a multi-pointer. S-Pen can be taken out from the lower part of the body. It has no distinction with other capacitance pen with the exception of a button on it. The button resembles the button on a multi-mouse, which helps the capacitance pen finish different activity. How about we discuss a few instances of the S-pen. Take a screen capture whenever. You simply have to press and hold the button on the S-Pen and contact the screen, you can take a screen capture without any problem. While the Home button + lock button’s screen capture activity actually works. The just unique of them is that the screen capture from S-Pen, you can undoubtedly include your own notes it. You can straightforwardly enter sell samsung phone the alter point of interaction of the screen capture you take from S-Pen. Also, add your own notes on it with S-Pen. It gives 4 sorts of pens: sign pen, composing brush, pencil and water-variety paint brush. You can likewise pick the variety, thickness and furthermore the straightforwardness of your notes. It gives 16 sorts of variety, you can transform them from a drop-down list. Obviously, you can complete the activity with your finger, yet it is smarter to utilize S-Pen, since it is more precise and has better involvement in S-Pen.

Samsung World Note has a 8 million pixel camera with auto center, contact center and an abundance of camera choices. Through the alter easy route, you can drag the alter choices like gadget on the work area, so you can revise the activity bar concurring your own propensity. You can physically change the openness, ISO, white equilibrium and furthermore constructed an assortment of scene modes to adjust to various lighting needs. It is said that Samsung Cosmic system Note’s complete camera choices can address the issues of typical clients. For experts, it is likewise a decent camera to utilize. It can snap a photo with 3264*2448 at max and backing 1080P full HD video. Clients can likewise play 1080P video with the form in player, you can drag the bar to set where to see without a disappointed picture.